Condo renovation in Toronto, or condominium renovations should always be an exciting task as it means a new look for your home. You may think that your options are limited, but there is always a way of making the best of what you have. While the process for renovating your condo is nothing like renovating a house, you can still enhance your condo’s value by giving it an upgrade.

But firstly, you must acknowledge all aspects involved before going ahead with the refurbishment. This is where a condo renovation service comes in handy. A professional condo contractor ensures that not only the renovation goes smoothly but that all components are addressed and all boxes are ticked. 

Let’s walk through the reasons:

Why it might be important for you to reach out to a professional condominium renovation contractor?

  1.   Reaching out to property/building manager

This is a step that cannot be overlooked. Certain rules and policies surrounding condo renovations are there for you to obey. It is important that you are aware of these as they influence seemingly small details like the type of materials you can use.    

Experienced in the constraints and challenges of condo regulations, Renolux Design, condo renovation Toronto, will assist with the documents your property or building manager requires and ensure your renovation runs smoothly. 

  1.   Reaching out to your condo corporation

One of the benefits about renovating a condo is that you do not often require a building permit. However, more often than not you will need to obtain approval from the condo corporation. It is important to get the condo board involved from scratch.

This will minimize potential issues down the road. The best way to streamline your condo renovations is by seeking the assistance of a professional who can streamline the process for you. 

It is customary for most condo associations to tend to front door upgrades, windows, balconies, air-conditioning units, halls, lobbies and communal areas. So, it is critical you know your condo rights before you go to paint your front door a different colour to the others. 

Many condo corporations also place restrictions on the hours and days you can have work performed on your condo. Well-versed in everything condo related, Renolux Design can help with these details.

For example, according to Toronto Noise Bylaw, you can only use construction equipment between 7am and 7pm weekdays and between 9am and 7pm on Saturdays. Some condo corporations might restrict these hours even further. 

You will also need to figure out how you get materials and equipment to and from your space, and you will be obliged to follow safety and cleanliness regulations. A reputable condo renovation service ensures waste is properly disposed of and it becomes acquainted with the correct entrance and lift for transporting equipment. 

  1.   Know your limitations

It should come as no surprise that tight condo spaces are normally designed with odd angled walls and unwelcome pillars. This is why it is imperative you know which walls can be demolished and which will allow for modifications. A professional condo renovations service will be on top of all this. 

Buildings may have areas that cannot be refurbished because of potential impair to communal space, another condo or even yours. This is why it is important to know what you can and cannot touch. 

  1.   Maximizing storage

You will have a rude awakening if you are new to condos and expecting to see lots of storage. It is common knowledge that condos have a lack of storage space. But if you want to invest in your condo at some point, consider having a walk-in closet or space-savvy pantry built.

This will immediately add value to your space. Again, you will need to comply with the condo corporation’s rights. It might be wise to enlist the services of a professional before tackling the job yourself. 

  1.   Know when to hire a professional

Lastly, if you are considering a condo renovation and want it to go smoothly, you need a good condo renovations contractor as well as a familiarity with the rules of your condo corporation. Tackling the huge task by yourself can take its toll on you.

You might expect it to be small as condos are small, but think again. Remodeling your condo could become too big a challenge for you to handle alone. This is why it makes sense to hire a professional. 

While you might want to save yourself some money, just think of what you will have to pay out for if something goes wrong or if you have to redo a task because what you started does not comply with corporation standards. 

If you are thinking about doing your own renovation, first keep the following in mind: 

Skills and knowledge to renovate a condo?

As mentioned earlier, if you mess up the refurbishment it could be very costly to you. A condo renovation services like kitchen, bathroom and living room renovation is offered by Renolux Design. Renolux has extensive experience in remodeling all types of condos. 

Think about your safety.

Do you have knowledge of the correct safety precautions to take? If you are not familiar with home improvement projects it could result in dangerous consequences. You do not want to put your life or anyone else’s at risk. 

Think about the time to complete the renovation.

Not only can condo renovations be a financial restraint, but they can also be time-consuming. Even if you set yourself a schedule, you might run into unforeseen problems and the project will have to be extended.

 Final Comment

Condo renovations can be an exciting undertaking, especially when you reach the end result. By paying attention to these points before you begin, you will have in-depth understanding of what is involved in refurbishing a condo.

For an expert condo renovations service, contact Renolux Design. Renolux Design, condo renovation in Toronto, will help you with all the necessary documents, from licensing requirements to communications with property managers and government officials.

Our team of professionals are highly proficient in assessing structural elements, plumbing, wiring and more. You will not be disappointed!

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