When it comes to renovating the areas of your condo, the bathroom is the one space that absolutely requires an expert renovation contractor. It is in your best interest to hire a professional who has experience in relevant permits and approvals, who can ensure a quality renovation that won’t cause other, more costly issues down the track.

Renolux is a full-service agency that specialises in the stylish renovation of condominiums which saves you the stress of having to hire multiple companies.

Renolux Design has over 25 years of experience across a range of renovation projects. The following information will be vital to you before making a move on a bathroom renovation in your condo.

Before you consider a renovation of your condo bathroom

It is vital to map out your renovation plan before speaking to a professional. This will give you a rough idea of what factors to consider before you begin renovating the bathroom, including possible costs.

Condominiums have limited space, and if you are looking to increase your bathroom space, planning will be essential. You also cannot convert a cupboard into extra bathroom space, for example, without obtaining approval from your Condo Board.

Any changes to your condo apartment require well-thought out designs if you want permission, a professional condo renovation company can help with this.

Being smart about condo bathroom renovation

Bathroom renovation is far from a DIY job as professionals will be required to install flooring, fixtures, and plumbing properly. You will likely be given time restrictions from the Condo Board, so there is no room to “learn as you go.”

In most cases when people are considering a condo bathroom renovation, they are looking to make old condominium bathrooms more modern.

This can be easily done by changing the fixtures around the bathroom and re-working the theme by replacing faucets and racks with something more luxurious.

Fixtures with sleek designs and minimalist features, such as a silver finish, can work well with wooden accessories to create a homely but stylish feel.

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Consider the available light in your bathroom

Your bathroom may be small, and the right lighting can help to change the mood of your bathroom to appear lighter and brighter. Lights that create a soft white glow create a spa-style ambiance.

You can even have fun with different lighting fixtures and add a dimmer option to help set a relaxing mood.

Pro tip: Consider illuminating the mirror.

What to do about the condo bathtub

No matter whether your condo is in a high-rise or a single-family home, the bathtub always presents an issue. When renovating, always think about the bath. You may want to replace it or combine it with the shower, or, we see many people who want to opt for the trendy free-standing tubs.

Whichever option you choose, it is essential to select a lightweight tub, especially if you are not on the ground floor.

Considering condo bathroom storage

One issue that every condo faces in every room is storage, and the bathroom is no exception. Old bathroom spaces often leave a minimal amount of storage space in their design; if you are renovating, use it as an opportunity to implement larger and smarter storage options.

Hide the bathroom essentials with bath vanity cabinets, or a custom-built tall cabinet that has multiple shelves for storage.

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Other aspects in your bathroom to keep in mind

There are a significant number of things to consider when renovating a bathroom in your condo. You may want to drastically change the paint to give things a new look, for example. A fresh coat of paint is a common way to freshen up the bathing space. The replacement of old flooring or countertops will also change the feel significantly.

When it comes to bathroom renovation, you do have many options available to you, but just as many restrictions when working within a condo. Hiring an experienced bathroom renovation contractor will make the process much more straightforward and ensure you don’t make any costly mistakes.

You should perform a large amount of thorough research into the company you choose, just as you are the changes you are looking to make. An expert can deliver renovation results that will make you very happy.

Need a little help with your condo bathroom renovation?

Renolux has a team of specialists that includes interior designers and professional tradespeople with a primary focus on quality craftsmanship. If you are looking to renovate, we can assist every step of the way to ensure everything is done right.

Our goal is to deliver peace of mind along with the condo that will suit your needs via customised options, and a stress-free and enjoyable renovation experience.

Ensure that your condo bathroom renovation even your kitchen renovation is done right by hiring the people who have been delivering exceptional results for many years. Speak to us about your new bathroom today!

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