Condo kitchen renovation is very different to renovating a kitchen in a house. It is all about making clever choices. Whether you want to refurbish for your own enjoyment or sell for a handsome price, your best option is to consult a professional. Doing renovations on your own can be a distressing and daunting task. 

But let’s get down to work and look at why it is important to hire a professional condo kitchen renovation service to refurbish your kitchen. 

Take it easy while WE work

There is no need for you to over-exert yourself installing custom cabinets while trying to maximize storage and efficiency. A professional condo renovation contractor can do this for you. Renolux Design is the expert in meeting your unique preferences while following the standards and requirements of the condo corporation. 

You will not have to source the materials or do any of the groundwork yourself. Professionals know where to purchase cabinets and built-ins and are adept at giving you a fully functional space that will fit your dream kitchen ideas. They will work with you to get the most out of your new kitchen, while handling all facets of the project, including electrical and plumbing work. 

Buy yourself time

It goes without saying that renovating any space takes time. It can take weeks to complete, time that you could be working or even relaxing. And there is no need to watch over the renovating crew as they source new material, remove the old framework and install the new structure. 

Rather than taking weeks off work as vacation leave, hiring a condo renovations company will save you a lot time in the end. Plus, renovation contractors work a whole lot faster than you can as they have expertise in the field. 

Save yourself money

Novice renovators will most likely not know where to purchase the “best value for money” tools and materials. Professionals know vendors and will be able to show you what materials are best for your kitchen and budget. 

Typically, most novices who start their own DIY kitchen renovations find themselves spending a lot of time, money and energy on refurbishments before they give in and hire a professional anyway. Avoid the initial financial burden and save time hiring a condo renovations service before attempting anything on your own. 

Avoid the stress of condo corporations and building managers

All new renovations require approval from the condo corporation and building manager. Being in the profession for years, renovation services will communicate with the respective authorities and deal with the required paperwork.

They will also be on top of what you can do and cannot do in your condo. An amateur might not be so aware and find themselves having to redo something which ultimately means more time and money. 

A renovation service’s experience and knowledge also get them the permits and permissions quickly and normally without hassle.

Receive the best advice

A professional will see that the products and materials required for your kitchen are the best for your budget. They will work with you, going through your condo kitchen renovation ideas and come up with the perfect plan for your kitchen based on their expertise. 

And who isn’t refurbishing their kitchen on a budget? A contractor will walk you through all your options and make the whole process as smooth as possible for you. The talented team at Renolux Design will give you the best result for your money and keep your overall costs down while still making your condo kitchen dazzle. 

How much does a condo kitchen renovation cost?

You are probably wondering how much this is all going to cost you. A new kitchen is a major investment because it is a room that is used a lot, and you want to get the refurbishment right. If you are looking for a ballpark figure you can expect to spend anything from $15,000 to $50,000 and up.

There are many factors that affect the cost of a condo kitchen renovation, such as its size, the materials and even your location, with Toronto leading the way as one of the most expensive cities in Canada! But think of the silver lining – a renovation in Toronto will add extra value to your condo. 

The finishes and scope of work for the entire project also affect the cost. You would be looking at around $25,000 to $30,000 for a mid-grade finish. But consider adding at least 20 percent to your budget just in case complications arise. 

How to get by while kitchen is being renovated

As mentioned earlier, the kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in your space since it is where you prepare food. Think about what you will do when it is being remodelled and you cannot use it. 

While you could go on vacation during that time, you might also consider staying in temporary accommodation. Renolux Design will happily assist with this and can even store your belongings while our team plans and builds your dream kitchen, ready for your return. 

Before you go…

The above reasons for choosing to go with a professional condo renovations service are no big secret, and most people would be aware of them. At the end of the day, when it comes to any complex renovation it is worthwhile leaving the job to the professionals who are experts in their field. 

Whether you want a complete transformation or just an upgrade of your cabinetry, contact Renolux Design which can help you from start to finish with your perfect kitchen, not only with your renovations but with storage, temporary accommodation, and cleaning too.  

We Can Help With Your Condo Renovation